Maldini Friday Night

Last night I decided to go out to dinner.  After 16 months of being here, have decided I miss the food of my country so I ventured out to get some.  We have a TGIF and Hard Rock nearby but I’ve never eaten at either one because why would I come all the way here for that!  Anyways, I went in and everything was like over $30USD a plate.  We don’t make that much here!  So I left as there’s a strip of restaurants and bars nearby.  I found Maldini, which is outside and has those perfect globe lights that I miss so much from my Long Beach apartment.  The weather was a bit chilly but they give you blankets, so for me it was perfect!

It wasn’t American but it was great.  A nice Patagonia Weiss (I prefer the blonde or red) with a bondiola sandwich.  It’s pulled pork.  NOM!  They also have cheese fries and a bunch of other stuff.  Later I had a caipiroska maracuyá (passion fruit caipiroska).  It’s really well priced too for the atmosphere, the service, and the food quality.

Later I saw one guy from my church and he invited me over with some of his work friends.  They had been at it a few hours longer since happy hour and arrived from somewhere else before hahaha.

Anyways I def recommend this place if you’re ever in Recoleta.  Cheers!