Food Updates

Teglia: Last week I had coffee and medialunas (our national snack).  They’re not croissants hahaha.  This coffee shop actually served me a full sized mug which is unusual here, had sun seating, and great prices.  They also stuck a cute heart leaf in my drink.

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 3.38.54 PM.png

Romarios: I love this pizza chain.  You can go get pizza by the slice so it’s not all ratchet when you heat up the leftovers the next day hahaha!  Good atmosphere on a clear night. Also, the delivery drivers are on roller blades!  It should be an Olympic sport.  It’s hard enough without the broken tiles, granite, and asphalt that is our city.  Props to them!!!


Dogg:  Dogg wins!  I finally found American chili cheese dogs.  I’m really missing 1. chili and 2. processed liquid cheese on EVERYTHING!  There’s also a guac dogg next to it and a ton of other toppings, mozzarella sticks, and licuados (fresh ginger mint lemonade…all the heart faces!!)


Dandy: Great atmosphere and okay service.  I’d go for like a beer or something because they have locations in awesome neighborhoods but the burger wasn’t all that great.  It’s surprisingly hard to find a good burger here but when I do find them, you know I’ll take all the pictures!


Toddy cookies:  Seriously they turned me into the cookie monster.  They have chocolate chip and chocolate chip dulce de leche chip.  I’m sick of dulce de leche as it’s in everything, but I’ll do it for this crack cookie!


To end my week in food I’ll leave you with my fall favorite: Sadous beer.  My student is making personal brew with his friends and they’re geniuses!  This golden beer is creamy and delicious and crisp.  I’m very pleased and looking forward to trying the others.


Have a great week!!! XO



Maldini Friday Night

Last night I decided to go out to dinner.  After 16 months of being here, have decided I miss the food of my country so I ventured out to get some.  We have a TGIF and Hard Rock nearby but I’ve never eaten at either one because why would I come all the way here for that!  Anyways, I went in and everything was like over $30USD a plate.  We don’t make that much here!  So I left as there’s a strip of restaurants and bars nearby.  I found Maldini, which is outside and has those perfect globe lights that I miss so much from my Long Beach apartment.  The weather was a bit chilly but they give you blankets, so for me it was perfect!

It wasn’t American but it was great.  A nice Patagonia Weiss (I prefer the blonde or red) with a bondiola sandwich.  It’s pulled pork.  NOM!  They also have cheese fries and a bunch of other stuff.  Later I had a caipiroska maracuyá (passion fruit caipiroska).  It’s really well priced too for the atmosphere, the service, and the food quality.

Later I saw one guy from my church and he invited me over with some of his work friends.  They had been at it a few hours longer since happy hour and arrived from somewhere else before hahaha.

Anyways I def recommend this place if you’re ever in Recoleta.  Cheers!