The Soil

I’m a collector of way too many sermons LOL.  I go to Rick Warren’s church and I’m really a fan of the Beveres, Steven Furtick, DeVon Franklin, and many more.

This sermon was from someone new and came by suggestion from my friend at

To follow my last post about uncertainty when doing the Lord’s will, this sermon tells about perceiving His will.  That He’s always doing something new.

It isn’t our fault that the world doesn’t go round.  We still live on Earth, not in Heaven, and the thing about Earth is everyone’s doing their own thing!  Maybe our perceived failure wasn’t a failure at all.  Did we do what we believe we were called to do in that moment?  Do we genuinely feel we did the best we could?  Maybe that was the test.  It is a test of character.  That we aren’t responsible for the actions or reactions of others.  That we’re never going to do anything perfectly but we do it uniquely.  Because everyone has their own ministry and we were called to do it how nobody else was called to do it.

That if your boss gives you a task and you do everything possible to achieve it and the client doesn’t budge, your boss is impressed (yeah ok, sometimes if your boss is Miranda she wants you to lie, cheat, steal, and kill to get it done LOL).  Because even God won’t force the opponent to budge.  Because the Lord always has an opponent.  Your job wasn’t to push until you get your way or what you thought was the Lord’s way.  It wasn’t to figure out hidden messages you think were from God and play games with human beings who will walk all over you to get what they want.

Life isn’t always easy but it isn’t supposed to be so hard.  I am very sure that when we are willing, when we are authentic, when we do set our boundaries, when we are honest about what we want including what we don’t want, that we will find ourselves where we are supposed to be.  And that we needn’t question the cultivation of the soil.  That He will get His message out when He wants it out.

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