Patience is the key to respect

I only know things because I learned them the hard way.  Patience is the key to respect.  My friend told me this when I was having anxiety about teaching young adults in Spanish.  Of course I imagined the worst up front, not that they’ve done anything to me so far.  I have yet to start ministry.  What if they don’t respect me and it’s a disaster?

If you want to teach, you’ll have to discover your patience, she said.  Well put.  People get rowdy in life and reacting with the same as others treat you never works.  Yes I know it’s like an unfair life thing that others can treat you like crap but if you do it back you’re wrong, you’re fired, etc.  Rising above puts you above – like in a higher position.  There’s so much responsibility there.  I get tired of Him being perfect in my weakness.  Don’t my strengths count for anything?  Do I even realize what they are anymore?

Patience isn’t always just waiting.  It’s hiking through anxiety and coming out on the other side.  It’s responding without a raised voice or an insult although they really have it coming.

The Bible says if we have knowledge and no love we sound like a clanging symbol.  Imagine standing up in front of twenty somethings in anger.  An image of a tin foil hat comes to mind.  Do I want to be patient?  Not really.  Is this an upward battle?  Yes.

She said I also have to invest in people.  Everyone I’ve asked to hang out doesn’t do it.  The people who ask me are creepy guys.  No I shouldn’t evangelize them.  That’s a man’s job.  See my Freedom post.  You know what you do in investing?  You wait.  Sometimes quietly (or loudly) while your stocks plummet temporarily and in 40 years you have a retirement fund that isn’t too bad.  I have 16 months here.   Quality friendships always take awhile to make.  Investing is also waiting.  Waiting until the thing you invested in (Buenos Aires, my life, my job, my relationships, etc., etc.), flourish.


3 thoughts on “Patience is the key to respect

  1. Ah, one of the HARDEST things I think in our human nature to actually do- wait! I am with you in this stage of life right now too. As you know, this is the hardest year of my life, and all I want to do most days is quit. But I know God has a plan for you and I through this waiting and patience period- whether it’s with your students or with my patients! It’s going to be amazing what we learn from it and I can’t wait to discuss the ways God works after we see through on the other side of this time. Thank you for sharing!! XO


    1. Thanks for your awesome wisdom again! You always say what I need to hear. I really hope this year gets better for you and you can start enjoying adulting more! I’m really glad you’re going out and doing fun things though because I tend to introvert like full turtle status when I’m in turmoil. Turtle and turmoil both have tur! #nerd hahahaha

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