Wish List

It’s Christmas in August!  Just kidding- it is winter in South America but our Christmases are hot and weird and have no decorations.  Hahahaha!  Also, don’t shop in Argentina – ever.  Like we all leave the country to go shopping LOL.

I’m not a huge shopping buff.  I’m more of a Amazon type of person.  Lines, people, and parking scare me.  Black Friday is my definition of hell hahahaha.

But I must say that I have the itch to shop.  I won’t be since I’m still waiting on my work contract so I haven’t had as many classes so I’m a little broke at the moment.  But I appreciate all the hell the school is going through with immigration to get me there 🙂  How exotic and exciting to be wanted so much!!!

That being said, when I get some money I’d like to do the following:

  1. Get some high waisted skinny jeans.  And maybe a crop top.  Idk if it’s just because I’m in Latin America (where it’s always in style or if it’s a trend up north now (as I haven’t been in the north in a year and a half), but the trend here is high waisted skinny jeans, crop tops, and three-striped Adidas.  (Sorry after 1999 when I was 14, I’m not revisiting the three stripe Adidas – but to each his own!)  😀  It’s great for others, but they’re all I wore for like 2 years of youngsterdom and I just cannot anymore.  I was also training like mad so I wanna wear those skinny jeans like it’s nobody’s business until I have babies one day or something!  Why hasn’t this been a thing the last 32 years of my life.  It only makes sense you see the upper stomach.  It always looks fit.  All those low wasted jeans when I was a teen were impossible.  Even Britney was trying to eat cheese fries for breakfast back in the day.  OMG the pressure of LA!
  2. Jessica Simpson hair.  I wish I could find a picture of myself back in 2006 with the flipped out blonde, long layers, but I cannot.  But I’m determined to bring it back once my hair grows past my shoulders.  I can’t promise I’ll do the whole extensions thing as they get literally hot and heavy and expensive.  But I will rock that butter blonde and those layers again if it’s the last thing I do!  I have been thinking about this a lot lately and I got highlights last month but they just don’t keep in the winter with no sun.  I’m at a bob length right now too so I’m thinking while it grows, something like the following.

    But eventually, the layers again here -> Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 11.22.08 AM

  3. A vacation!  I have been in serious beach/mountain/anything that’s not a building withdrawal!  I have been talking to a girlfriend in the US about meeting me in Cartagena, Colombia and going to nearby islands.  It’s a popular tourist destination for upscale Argentina and I’ve had many recommendations. The thing is, in the summer the tickets are twice as expensive and I’ll be pressed to save with the present school situation.  I am optimistic though, because (not this), but the next summer, the school should pay me over the summer so I’m definitely vacating the year after!

    Cartagena above.  San Andres Island below.



3 thoughts on “Wish List

  1. OK- I am the same way. But maybe even worse (about shopping). It just stresses me out all together, but recently I just got a major shopping itch too (it happens like once or twice a year)! DJ and I are considering going to the mall tonight, he loves shopping way more than I do. Hahaha, but I loveeeeee that first look! Especially with the heels- gorgeous. Love the JS look too. You could totally do that within a couple months! You already have the gorgeous blonde, and it will grow in no time! My sister is in Columbia right now! I should ask her if she has been to Catagena!! She is in barenquila (spelling?). Lol. Can’t wait to see what adventures you have in just the next couple months! XO #exclamationmarkabuse


    1. Yes! Do all the shopping and then post everything you buy hahahaha!

      Barranquilla isn’t too far from Cartagena and there’s gorgeous islands around it. How long will she be there? Any chance of her stopping by BA? (Colombia is actually about 1000 miles closer to you than me) But it’s like Fergie and it meets halfway!!! 😀

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